The following open-source projects are among those I have created, lead, and/or maintain.


AutoPub enables project maintainers to release new package versions to PyPI simply by merging pull requests. Intended for use with continuous integration (CI) systems such as CircleCI or Travis CI, AutoPub streamlines the package release process by automating an otherwise manual, tedious, and error-prone series of steps.


Pelican is a static site generator (SSG) powered by Python. Supporting both Markdown and reStructuredText markup formats, Pelican has garnered a considerable following over the years, generating sites for Debian and the Linux kernel and with nearly 350 contributors.


VirtualFish is a tool for the Fish shell that makes it easy to create and manage Python virtual environments.


Kagi is a Django app that provides multi-factor authentication (MFA), supporting WebAuthn keys, one-time passwords (TOTP), and backup recovery codes.


Hype is a Django app that creates referral links and counts how many times those links are used.


Elevate is a Django app that provides an extra layer of security for the most sensitive pages of your site. Destructive actions like deleting a user’s account, for example, can be guarded by requiring the user to re-authenticate before the protected view is loaded.


AutoSlug is a Django app that provides an improved slug field that can automatically:

  1. populate itself from another field,
  2. preserve uniqueness of the value, and
  3. use custom slugify() functions for better internationalization