Tue 25 October 2022


Fortressa — The App Store for Open Source

Open-source alternatives to software-as-a-service (SaaS) products are being created with a frequency and degree of quality the world has never seen before. But these tools are difficult to find. An ever bigger problem is that they are difficult to install, configure, and maintain. So these incredibly useful open-source projects aren’t being used as often as they should be.

Fortressa is the answer to this problem. My first iteration was focused on creating virtual private network (VPN) instances, after which I laid plans for implementing the larger vision: enabling everyone to easily install and use a wide variety of open-source applications.

Where can I learn more?

Visit the Fortressa blog to learn more about how you can reduce SaaS expenses, improve the portability of your data, and protect privacy for yourself and your team. Specifically, have a look at:

Thank you in advance for spreading the word and assisting me in my efforts to create a safer, liberated digital world for the next generation. It is my hope that they will only ever know the Internet as a free, open, and safe place.