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Any Updates?

Open-source projects are developed in plain sight β€” the current status is almost always fully visible to everyone. Which is why posting comments like β€œAny updates?” is just about the least helpful comment anyone can make.

Fortressa β€” The App Store for Open Source

Fortressa is the app store for open source, providing you with open-source SaaS alternatives to take back control over your data and reduce your software costs.

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Follow-up to Little Snitch "denied" connections leak your IP address

A few days ago I wrote Little Snitch "denied" connections leak your IP address in which I explained that connections …

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A Short History of My Last Six Years

On June 18, 2016, I slipped and fell down a deep, deep hole. The post A Short History of My …

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Why I Like Nox

Ever since I got involved with open-source Python projects, tox has been vital for testing packages across Python versions (and …

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